Do I Need a Promise Ring and What to Engrave on it

What to engrave on a promise ring

Firstly, why is a promise ring even necessary? In short; it isn’t. The longer answer depends on what you’re promising. If you’re a young couple and are moving toward marriage but your funds are limited, a promise ring is often given.

I promise ring doesn’t have to be for those with marriage in mind. A promise ring can be a ring of platonic friendship; A promise to always be there for one another. It’s simply what it says it is: A Promise.

So what are good things to have engraved on a promise ring? Here are the classics that happen to be some of our favorites. You really can’t go wrong with these.

I Love You

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Other options that we like are those that let the symbols in the ring design say it all:

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Kintsugi-Repair Romance. The beauty of Scars.

Kintsugi: Repair Romance. The Beauty of Scars

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