What We All Want

It’s Global. We all, pretty much want the same things: To Love, to be loved and Happiness. Add to this good health and spiritual fulfillment and that pretty much covers the true needs of every human on the planet.

You may ask, “What about the fortune or pleasure seekers?”  The answer: When boiled down to the core motives, even these ones, in some roundabout way, are usually seeking the same. Underneath it all, we are so much more alike, than different.

I love you note. romantictoken.comSo what’s this got to do with Romance Tokens? Nothing. And everything. Many of us are busy; so caught up in the day to day that we put love aside. Not just the love we wish to have but sometimes, the love that is already there.

Others of us are damaged. Let’s admit it. The world is not a gentle place. It’s hard to navigate it without accruing a battle scar or two.  These scars often make it hard to seek or even see the love before us. That’s why RomanticTokens exists.  It began as a personal reminder to let others know that they are loved. It’s as simple as that.

The best way to do this requires no money at all.  A note, a text even, a phone call or visit. Time given is by far the better commodity.

True, the word “Romance” implies a love interest. That just happens to be our focus here.  But, Love is Love is Love.  If you love someone let them know this. Let them feel it. What greater gift can anyone give?